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Teddeeland is the ultimate experience for dogs and their humans.

Top notch rehabilitation and training services, exciting excursions, and adventurous day camps.
""Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."
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Anatole France

the balanced dog course

  • One on one consultation with you and your dog(s)
  • Onsite training with recall, walking on & off-leash, etc.
  • Rehab services are also available 

Money back guaranteed if services are not satisfied! 

Exciting Excursions await

Join us at our monthly excursions to some of the most awesome pet-friendly places in the area!

  •  sipping fine wines at local wineries 
  •  enjoying delicious at best local restaurants 
  •  supporting local animal shelters 

Adventurous day-camps await

Forget the boring day care, day camps is where the cool dogs hang out:

  • go hiking
  • playing at open parks and indoor parks
  • camping at real campsites



Hi there, my name is Blue. I am three and as you can see I am a handsome stud. I do "sometimes" think that I'm the center of the universe (Fine, not sometimes but always!). I got into the Balanced Dog Program because according to my parents, I am way too hyper and have too much energy and can't control my excitement when I see other dogs. "Can you really blame me though?" I'm cute and the other dogs and their owners can't help themselves but come over to play & pet me. Anyway, one of my weaknesses is squirrels and I mean seriously "What kind of creature is that?" & "Are they friends or food?" I don't know what to say but I just lose my shit when I see them. "Where do they even come from?"



Hi! I'm Raven and I live in the heart of DC. I am kind of like a "boy next door" type of guy; sincere, shy (well, according to mom, very shy!"), sometimes confident, and rarely arrogant. I know what I like and I surely know what I dislike or "hate". I hate noises, especially city noises, construction, cars, etc."Why do humans make so many noises?" Well, Mom and Dad saw that as a problem and signed me up to the program. I don't want to be a social outcast since I live in DC after all. Anyway, I have to say after a few days of walking with the pack in the program, "going on walks" are so much more fun nowaday, especially "going to the park" and meet so many other cute dogs and they are not annoying like my little brothers at home (SHH....) I actually enjoy my time going on walks & going to the park noe. I can't believe that my tail goes all the way up and filled with so much excitement when I heard the magic word "walk!"

Happy Ariel

Hello! My name is Ariel and I'm around 2. I am a happy-go-lucky type of girl. I am cheerful about everything; sometimes that annoys the shit out of my friends. Well, a non-profit organization got me into the program because according to them, I am way too sociable and need to learn some manners. "Whatever!" Before, at all adoption event even though I am cute as a button but no one seems to want to say "hi" to me. So I jumped on every single person passed by to greet them, in my defense I do have short legs. In addition, I kind of dislike my name before so when people at the organization called me - I tended to ignore them because "who named their dog Ariel?" Please! Anyway, since I got to the program, joined the pack and plus I'm a smart girl so I quickly understand what's acceptable and what's unacceptable. Now, I'm pretty calm and excited only when I get to play with the big boys and of course good food. Who doesn't? So don't judge! Well, I'm still with K9 Lifesavers and up for adoption. If you know anyone who wants to adopt a happy girl, please give my foster family a buzz! I'm good with kids, other dogs- small or big I don't really care since I'm pretty confident about myself so I don't get intimidated that easily. So no worries! I especially love athletic family because ya know a girl got to watch her figure! 🙂


You and your dog(s) will gain valuable knowledge for life!