About Us

We provide an unforgettable adventure-based daycare and rehabilitation services for dogs around the world.

Our story

Who is Teddee?

Teddee was a handsome six-month-old Collie mix who came to our household with a myriad of issues. He was dog selective, had a hard time trusting humans, and aggressively guarded his resources. The shelter, we rescued him from was wary and selective of his next home due to his bite history.

Despite his issues, we happily welcomed him into our home two days before Christmas. We worked hard to turn him to a balanced and happy dog that he deserved to be. With a lot of hard work, patience, and love, he started to trust people and was an overall happy dog.

Unfortunately, his happiness was short-lived as he was killed by a car on April 17, 2017, during our road-trip throughout the US. Our family was devastated by his loss, he was more than a dog--he was a brother, a companion, and our beloved family member.

His death taught our family a very valuable lesson--to always appreciate the life we have, to do good, and to believe in second chances. This is why we decided to start Teddeeland. We want to make it possible for every dog and their humans to have the best experience life have to offer.

Throughout our tour of the US, Teddee swam, climbed mountains, camped, tour cities, and ate a ton of jerky. We want all the dogs in the world to experience what it’s like to live in happy, balanced, and healthy life--we want them to experience Teddeeland.

What is Teddeeland?

We get it, you’re busy--but our dogs have needs too. Ask yourself:

  • How often do you and your pal(s) go on an adventure?
  • Does your dog get harassed by other dogs at the dog park?
  • Do people avoid you and your dog because of his/her breed or size?
  • We know you want the best for your pal(s). We know this because we want the same thing.

At Teddeeland, your dog(s) will have awesome adventures, will never be harassed by A-hole dog, and is never judged by breed or size. We provide a judgment free, fun, and a balanced oasis for you and your dog.

We provide fun day camps, rehabilitation services, and exciting monthly excursions.